Calais Town Meeting



Michelle Ksepka was elected to the WCUUSD board as a Calais representative.

One opening remains - please contact the Town Office if you are interested in serving on the WCUUSD school board!

The budget for the Washington Central Unified Union School District did not pass. The results for the entire district were:
NO    1,884
YES  1,360

All of the ballots for the district are run through the tabulator together at one time, so there is no information on the results from individual towns.

The school district will need to adjust their budget and hold another vote in the coming months.



For full list of articles and voting results, click to open the Town Meeting Results document.

Every Article on the Town Warning passed, with no amendments.

Below are the results from Calais Australian ballots:

Article 2:   Land Use and Development Regulations

YES:  379

NO:   138


Article 22:  Road Grader Bond

YES:  475

NO:   83


Anne Winchester, Selectboard: 471 (uncontested)

Jamie Moorby, Selectboard:  481 (uncontested)

Donny Mucherino, Selectboard: 453 (uncontested)

Wilson Huges, Listers: 459 (uncontested)


Presidential Democrat:  Joe Biden  189

Presidential Democrat: Marianne Williamson  11

Presidential Republican:  Nikki Haley  91

Presidential Republican:  Donald Trump 32

All other candidates received fewer than 3 votes


We do not yet have the school district results; each school district will post their own election results.

By all accounts, the 2024 Calais Town Meeting was a huge success!  It was well attended with robust informative, educational, and relevant discussion.  Thank you to everyone who participated, including elected and appointed Town Officials, election volunteers, Town Office Staff, Friends of Calais, Community Connections, Calais Elementary custodians, everyone who contributed to Town Lunch (which raised $527 for Friends of Calais), and YOU, the voters of Calais!


The 2024 Calais Town Meeting will take place at the Calais Elementary School, 321 Lightening Ridge Road, on March 5 from 9:30 am until finish. Voting by Australian ballot will take place at the Calais Elementary School from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm.


If you do not bring the ballots that were mailed to you, you will be required to sign an affidavit affirming that you are not voting more than once for any election before we can provide you with new ballots. 


Lunch will be provided by the Friends of Calais; if you would like to contribute a dish or volunteer to help, please email

Childcare will be available at no cost for parents attending Calais Town Meeting from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Registration is required; forms are available at CES or through Community Connections. For more information, contact CES Administrative Assistant Danielle Barclay at 454-7777,; or Community Connections Coordinator Kim Bolduc at 223-7936, ext. 305,


The Calais Town Office encourages early voting prior to election day.

Update, February 28: Please do not mail your ballots to the Town Office at this point. Due to the unreliable speed of the mail system, we request that you drop off your ballots in our Town Office drop box by midnight March 4, 2024 or bring them to the polling place at Town Meeting between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm. 


Election results, warnings, sample ballots, and voter checklist are available as links below. They have also been posted at the Calais Town Office, Adamant Co-op, East Calais General Store, East Calais Post Office, and the Maple Corner Store. 

2023 Town Report

2023 Town Report

How and Why to Read a Town Report, from the Vermont Institute of Government

2024 Warnings

Town Meeting Warning 2024
Presidential Primary Warning 2024
CVCC Warning 2024
WCUUSD Warning 2024

A Voter's Guide to Town Meeting Procedure, from the Vermont Institute for Government

2024 Sample Ballots

Sample Democratic Ballot 2024
Sample Republican Ballot 2024
Sample Calais Town Ballot 2024
Sample CVCC Ballot 2024
Sample WCUUSD Ballot 2024

Additional Town Meeting & Election Information

Meet the Candidates 2024
2024 Voter Checklist as of Jan 15, 2024

Bond Vote and Budget Informational Meeting

On Monday, February 26 at 6pm, the Selectboard held a Public Information Session to present and answer questions about the proposed budget, as well as our request for authorization to purchase a new road grader.  

Message from the Selectboard regarding the FY2025 Budget 

FY 2025 Calais Budget


How to Get Your Ballots

WCUUSD ballots, Calais town ballots, and Town Reports have been mailed to all voters. You must contact the town office to request ballots for the Presidential Primary or for the Central Vermont Career Center School District. You must choose a Republican or Democrat ballot for the Presidential Primary.

Ballots that have been mailed to all voters:

  • the Town of Calais 
  • the Washington Central Unified Union School District
Ballots available upon request at the Town Office and on Town Meeting Day:
  • the Central Vermont Career Center
  • the Presidential Primary (Democrat or Republican)

The state provides an easy website for Vermonters to check on their own voter status and to request ballots. You can find it at
There are links to sample Presidential Primary ballots below.

  • Please DO NOT mail your ballot to the Town Office after February 27, 2024.
  • If you are planning to DROP OFF your ballot in the securely locked drop box at the Town Office, you may do so at any time BEFORE March 5, Town Meeting Day.
  • If you are planning to vote IN PERSON on Town Meeting Day, please bring your ballots to Calais Elementary School between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm on March 5.


For a list of Social Service Agencies that have requested funding, please see our Social and Community Services page


Please call or email with questions.

Teegan Dykeman-Brown, Town Clerk