Camping on the Curtis Pond Island

If you would like to camp on Curtis Pond Island, please submit the following application to the Town Clerk for approval. There is no fee to camp. However, it's helpful to keep a record of reservations to prevent double bookings or in case of any complaints or incidents reported. 

Permits will only be granted to a Calais resident or with the support of a Calais resident. 

You can email your completed application to or mail it to the Town Office at:

3120 Pekin Brook Rd
East Calais, Vermont 05650 

Once your application has been approved, the camping permit and (if needed) the parking permit will be returned to you, and your reservation will be noted on the Calendar here on the website. 

In addition, we'll send you the Curtis Pond Island Camping Ordinance, as it provides helpful information for anyone accessing the island.

Happy camping!