Other Town Officials

The Town has many opportunities for residents interested in doing public service work. Some of the offices are appointive and others are elective. Anyone having an interest in serving in any town position is encouraged to contact the town clerk and/or the Chair of the Selectboard for more information.

For job descriptions, visit the Vermont Secretary of State website here: Job Descriptions

 Calais Town Organizational Chart


Town Clerk

Teegan Dykeman-Brown
3-year term, 2026


Kari Bradley

1-year term, 2025

Agent to Convey Real Estate 


Town Moderator
Gus Seelig, 802-456-7407
1-year term, 2025

Animal Control Officer
Buffy Langlois, 802-279-5552
1-year term, 2025

Assistant Animal Control Officer

Assistant Town Clerk/Asst. Treasurer
Barbara Butler
1-year term, 2025


Collector of Delinquent Taxes 
Sandra Ferver: delinquenttaxes@calaisvermont.gov

1-year term, 2025


Constable, First


Constable, Second


Curtis Pond Dam Monitors
Meg Dawkins,1-year term, 2025
Jamie Moorby.1-year term, 2025


Curtis Pond Island Oversight

Jamie Moorby, 1-year term, 2025
Heidi Thompson, 1-year term, 2025
Rachel Seelig, 1-year term, 2025


Curtis Pond Harbor Master

Mark Whitman, 1-year term, 2025

Delegate to Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission (CVRPC)
John Brabant, 1-year term, 2025
Alternate: Melanie Kehnem 1-year term, 2025


CVRPC Clean Water Advisory Delegate

John Brabant, 1-year term, 2025


Delegate to CVRPC & Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC)
David Ellenbogen, 1-year term, 2025
Alternate: Karin McNeill, 1-year term, 2025


Delegate to Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District
William Powell, 1-year term, 2025
(802) 223-1305

Alternate: John Brabant, 1-year term, 2025
E-911 Coordinator
Mark Whitman, 1-year term, 2025


Emergency Management Director
Nick Emlen, 1-year term, 2025
(802) 229-4919


Emergency Management Coordinator
Toby Talbot, 1-year term, 2025
(802) 223-3942


Energy Coordinator
William Powell, 1-year term, 2025
(802) 223-1305

Representative to Regional Emergency Management Committee (REMC)
Jake Aho, 1-year term, 2025


Fire Warden
Greg Pelchuck, 5-year term expires June 2026
(802) 454-7377

Fire Warden Assistant
Chris Tuller, 5-year term, expires June 2026
(802) 456-1317

Gospel Hollow Warden
Andy Felice, 1-year term, 2025
(802) 456-1341

Health Officer
Jay Copping, 1-year term, 2025
(802) 839-6509

Inspector of Lumber
Position eliminated March 25, 2024

Tree Warden
Neal Maker, 1-year term, 2025
(802) 229-9757

Tree Warden, Assistant
Drew Lamb, 1-year term, 2025
(802) 456-8192


Truant Officer
Cat Fair (802) 454-7777
(Not appointed by the Selectboard)


Weigher of Coal
Position was eliminated March 25, 2024
Zoning Administrator
John McCullough, 3-year term, 2026

Assistant Zoning Administrator
Jan Ohlsson, 3-year term, 2026

Sarah Black,1-year term, 2025


Assistant Webmaster
Jamie Moorby, 1-year term, 2025


CV Fiber (formerly "Central Vermont Internet Service Provider")
Delegate: Jared Thomas, 1-year term, 2025
Alternate: David Healy, 1-year term, 2025


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