How You Can Help


This year, perhaps more than any other in recent history, we have been reminded of what we can accomplish when we all step up and work together. We invite you to consider how you might take the leap to join us in service of the Town of Calais.

In addition to a full- or part-time position as a Town employee, consider seeking elected office or volunteer membership on one of our many Town Boards, Committees, and Commissions. Volunteer “flaggers” are also sometimes needed to help the Road Crew. Even if you’re not quite ready to commit to a position, contact the Town to find out how you can sit in on a meeting or meet with a representative from a group to learn more.

If you are interested in a particular Committee/Commission/Board, you can contact that group using the information on their page here on the website. They can help you find a time to attend a meeting or meet with a member or two outside of warned meetings and better understand the role of the group. If you then decide you would like to join, some groups can simply admit members as needed. Others are limited by ordinance or statute in their membership, or their members must be appointed by the Selectboard. The head of the group in which you are interested can tell you more.

Click here to see a list of Open Appointments

If you would like to run for an elected position, the deadline has passed to put your name on the ballot for Town Meeting on March 5, 2024. Next year, you can return to this page to see what positions will be open in March of 2025. 

If you are interested in working as an employee of the Town, 
please follow any links below to open positions.

The road crew is currently looking to hire full-time or part-time members. For more information and for an application, click here

If you have an idea for a different way you could use your unique skills and abilities to help Calais, contact the Town Office at or (802) 456-8720.