Calais Swim Program

The swim committee is a volunteer group of 3-6 people made up of parents and/or community members. Group members are informally recruited by the committee. Tasks of operation are divided among committee members, with one member specifically in charge of docks and rafts.

Decisions are made collectively by majority vote. Meetings are typically held three times a year – once before, once during, and once after the swim lesson season – at the Maple Corner Community Center or at a member's home. Email is used for consensus around minor decisions or tasks throughout the season. If hiring a new swim instructor, members meet additionally in the spring for interviews and hiring decisions. If a decision involves a large expenditure, such as a new dock, raft, or landscaping work, the committee attempts to get bids from three sources. Factors in the decision include cost, quality, and use of local personal/resources.

The swim committee will review and update these policies and procedures annually.

There are two ways to apply:

  • If you would like to apply online using a Google Form, click on this link for 2024 Calais Swim Lessons.
  • If you would like a printable version you can mail in, click on the PDF below:


Last updated Thursday, May 23, 2024