Cemetery Commission Meeting 7pm Town Office


Calais Cemetery Commissioner’s

Meeting Agenda

Calais Town Office

February 19, 2020 7:00 to 9:00 PM




Agenda Includes Introductions: Welcome Guest  


Review the following Items :


Approve Minutes of the November 20, 2019 Meeting


Discuss Plans for Landscaping Green Burial Area


(Update) Card File Data Entry Action Plan: (Fletcher & Juanita)


Sexton's report and review Sexton position.

Financial Report : 2019/2020 Current Balances, Endowment, Budget and Special Projects for 2020/2021 ?

New contract : KirkYard Services

Sign off on Cemetery Invoices in the Town Office Mailbox.


Next Meeting Date: April  22, 2020                   Adjourn


Calais Cemetery Commissioner's                           

                         All Welcome