Continuation of DRB Hearing for Preliminary Subdivision Review of an Application by CKC Holdings, 6 pm, Town Hall

As determined at last week's hearing and noticed on the Town website, the Calais Development Review Board is continuing the hearing on the application of CKC Holdings for a subdivision on Bayne-Comolli Road. The hearing continues Thursday, May 5, at the Town Hall at 6pm.  The Board has received notice that one of last week's attendees has testified positive for Covid.  The meeting will be held in person as planned.  All windows will be opened, seating distanced and masks required when not testifying.  We will also be recording the proceedings and will post the recording on the Town website.  The  meeting will be kept open in order for anyone not attending to be able to listen to the recording and provide further feedback, either in writing or at a further continuation of the hearing. Thank you for your understanding. 
Dot Helling, DRB Clerk
May 4, 2022