Change of Appraisal Grievance Hearings, Town Hall by appointment



The Calais Listers have printed out the abstract of the Grand List in preparation for setting the tax rate. This is sort of a “rough draft” of property values before Grievance Hearings. The Grand List will be finalized after the hearings.

Hearings will be from 12 to 7 pm on Friday, July 7 and from 9 am to 1 pm on Saturday, July 8 at the Calais Town Hall. Call the Town Clerk at 456-8720 to schedule a 15-minute slot to explain why you believe that the assessed value of your property is not accurately listed. The last chance to schedule is 4 pm, July 6.

Change of Appraisal Notices (COA) have been mailed out to all property owners whose assessed value has been changed. Reasons for changes might include:

  •          Work (new construction or remodeling) on a parcel that affected its value
  •          Subdividing and selling off parcel acreage
  •          Damage from fire or other that may have affected value
  •          Percentage complete of ongoing work has changed

On some COA notices, one might notice that there was no change in Total Assessed value. This accounts for almost half the COAs mailed out. In these cases, it is most likely that there was a change that the homeowner made when they filed their HS122 (Homestead Declarations) with the state. For example if the portion of a dwelling that is/was rented out or claimed as business use changed, a COA would have been mailed out, even if total assessed value did not change. The same is true for outbuilding rentals or outbuildings that may have been part of a Homestead one year but are now claimed as non-Homestead. While there may not be a change in Total Assessed Value, the reallocation of Homestead and non-Homestead values may have tax implications or affect income sensitivity payments from the state. If you got a COA with no increase in Total Assessed Value shown, and you would like an explanation, leave a call back number with the Town Clerk @ 456-8720. A Lister will get back to you.


Calais Town Hall 1662 Kent Hill Road