Remote research has been expanded significantly at The Calais Town Office with an additional 16,000 pages of land records accessible remotely via COTT systems. Deeds going back to 1941 and Mortgages going back to 1972 have been digitalized and are easy to access online.

I am happy to support research via email ( or over the phone (802-456-8720, Mon-Thurs, 9 am to 4 pm)


COTT Systems – Online Land Records

Calais Land Record documents are available via the COTT system. You will be required to make an account.

A GUEST user has access to indexes only for free. A SUBSCRIBER can see images and print documents for a fee.

To access COTT Systems go to:


To access older Calais pre-2011 land records in COTT, go to the Historical Records search. (This requires the daily subscription from Recordhub.)

You will find a alpha-order search option for all the index cards going back to 1943 (on the left).

You will find drop down boxes, one  for "deeds" or "mortgages" or "zoning" and drop down boxes for "Book"  and "Page" (on the right)

Enter the book and page and wait for the image to emerge. You can then download them.

Call for help if needed.



Research is by appointment by contacting the town clerk, email:

Research can be done remotely in many cases.

The links at the bottom of the webpage provide access to:

  • Calais Grand List,
  • Lister Cards
  • An alphabetical PDF of 2023 tax bills for Calais properties. These tax bills have been redacted to remove the state payment, but they are sufficient for income tax and assessment purposes. Do not use these bills for escrow purposes.
  • Survey Maps Index


The following documents can be sent by email upon request:

  • Tax bills (unredacted)
  • Survey maps 
  • Detailed Lister Cards
  • Land records, provided that you request the book and page you are looking for. The Town Office does not provide land records searches.


Contact Cott Systems, Inc. directly at 800-588-2688 or for assistance.


Email or call for an appointment if you cannot conduct the research online.

Teegan Dykeman-Brown, Calais Town Clerk