A Light Moment at Town Meeting
Counting the floor vote

Town Meeting Tuesday, March 5, 2019


The Calais Town Meeting will be held Tuesday, March 5
Calais Elementary School, Lightening Ridge Road.
Polls open 7 am and close 7 pm.
School Meeting 8 am.
Town Meeting follows at 9:30 am.


Election results, warnings, sample ballots, and voter checklist to be posted at the Calais Town Office, Maple Corner Store, and East Calais Store and links below.

Deadline January 17, 2019:Articles to put before the Voters Last day for voters to file a petition with the town clerk to have an article appear on the ballot, 47 days prior to town meeting). Petition must contain signatures from at least 5% of registered voters in the municipality. In Calais this is 69 signatures.

Deadline January 28, 2019: Candidates for Offices: In Australian ballot towns, nominating petitions and consent of candidate forms for town offices must be filed with the municipal clerk no later than 5:00 p.m. (sixth Monday before the election). A nominating petition must be signed by 30 voters or one percent of the legal voters, whichever is less.  In Calais, this is 14 signatures.

Offices elected by ballot with terms ending March 5, 2019

Selectboard – 2-year term

Selectboard- 3-year term

Lister – 3-year term

Calais Elementary School Director – 3-year term

Calais Elementary School Director – 2-year term


(Photos by Toby Talbot.)


Judy Fitch Robert

Town Clerk, 3120 Pekin Brook Rd. East Calais VT 05650 802-456-8720