Curtis Pond Saturday Afternoon in February 2012
Curtis Pond Saturday Afternoon in February 2012

Calais Lakes and Streams Committee and Newsletters

At the bottom you will find links to the Calais Lakes and Streams Newsletters.
The membership has always been open to anyone who is interested in participating. No length of term has been established. Our goal has been to have a representative for each of the major ponds. Currently we need representatives for Bliss and Nelson Ponds. Please contact any of the members if you are interested.
Mission Statement: We strive to educate ourselves and our community on best practices to improve and preserve the quality of all the waters in Calais for today and the future.

Index of subjects that appear in The Lakes and Streams Newsletter:

  • Spring 2007


Changes in lakes/streams/watersheds

(Geomorphic assessments)

Conservation/Land Trust

Dirt Roads-how they affect Water Quality

Gardening Near the waters edge

Invasive Plants

Lay Monitoring Program-(water quality testing)

  • Spring 2007



Pollution of Lakes and Ponds

Protecting our Waterways

Shoreland Protection Legislation


Vermont Lake Wise Program


Wildlife Habitats


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